Who we are?

A group of young musicians, artists, marketers and travellers who decided to make each event an unforgetable experience.


We believe that music can change the world and so our aim is to reach the ears of every rock fan to transform their mind and the world.

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Our history

We started as  musicians in the 90's, after some years of performing we realized that there were lots of important things missing in the events, hence we decided to start organizing our events and later on we formed this company

The beggining was complicated, however we knew what is rqueired from the musician's point of view and also from the expectator, so we worked hard to get things done

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A new concert tour

We already have a plan for our new tour. For now, we will not reveal where and when we will be playing, but we will end off the mystery - we will visit over 80 cities in 100 days. It will be a busy time! :)


1,000,000 clip views

It was with such disbelief that we looked at the YouTube counter. It exceeded our wildest expectations. You are the best fans!


Concert in Krakow

We are very pleased to inform you that we will play at this year's juniors in Krakow. Two years ago, we were on the other side - as an audience - and we did not even dream of such a success.


Concert in Wroclaw

The concert in Wroclaw is behind us! For the first time we played in this city, but the atmosphere and power that the audience gave us made us want to come back even tomorrow. Thank you to the audience from Wroclaw!


New clip

We just finished filming our latest song. Cool? You'll judge for yourself as soon as it's ready. Wait patiently! :)


A new album

We released a new album. It's 12 of our own songs and two covers of world bands. Coming soon on sale!

Pictures from our concert tour